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How To Identify Fake Products Using Barcode

This article outlines in detail how to identify fake products using barcode. Businesses have drastically changed since social media marketing became a huge part of our society. Consumers have increasingly become more aware about the products they purchase and for businesses to stay competitive in the market, they need the full use of the latest technologies to create Buzz and stand out. Fortunately, using barcode codes in the industry can help.  We've seen a lot of barcodes on products, but did you know that they can do more than just give product information?  Barcode can help businesses connect to their consumers plus keep them loyal to their brand. Barcodes are flexible tools that businesses can use for their business if they know how to use them the right way.  What is a Barcode or QR Code? QR codes is short for quick and response code. They are matrix barcode that serves as a key to unlocking data that leads to virtually wherever you want it to be. There are two types of QR co

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

Looking for some DIY tips on how to make an old house look modern? These tricks can help you transform your house into the home of your dreams with this affordable home décor styling.

1. Painting: Choosing a lively paint palette to freshen up your home is definitely the first place to start from. It is important to stick with neutral and simple color palette if your aim is to give the house a high-end luxurious look. Keep to cozy colors for both the exterior and interior. Personally, I love grey, white and warm earthy hues.

2. Contemporary Lighting: The style of lightening system plays huge role in how the home feels. Replacing obsolete bulbs or light racks with the modern lightening technologies can transform the look of the house. I use modern and contemporary designer lightening such as pendant lights, floor lamps and the smart lights.

3. Flooring Upgrade: Refurbish your home floor with contemporary floor styles like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, stone or linoleum. You could also go for large, patterned ceramic tiles or modern rugs or carpets for that stylish look. For exterior of the building, a touch of synthetic grass carpet can activate the earthy feel to the surroundings. 

4. Smart Technology: upgrading the home with smart technology for convenience and security will definitely make an old house look modern. Some of the modern smart technology includes the smart thermostats which allows for the control of heating and cooling of the home, smart lighting systems allows for energy saving and enhance convenience, home security systems allow provides 24/7 surveillance while smart appliances like the TV, oven, fridge etc. can be controlled remotely. 

5. Modernize Hardware: Remove all old door handles and replace them with new modern ones. Consider using finishes like matte or modern iron spray to polish any old metal in order to give it that contemporary touch.

6. Upgrade Windows: Upgrade windows to modern styles. Pick a simple and clean window blind. The modern ceiling to floor window style can add that contemporary feel and allow more sunlight into the house.

7. Minimalistic Furniture: Replacing the old furniture with modern stylish ones can bring out the contemporary looks. With so many simple designs available in the showroom, it is important to avoid the old ornate and heavy pieces and focus on the minimalist styles which has modern functionality.

8. Art and Decor: Acquaint your home modern décor accessories and pieces of artwork. This can be in the form of contemporary sculpture, woodwork or sculptures. These modern art works helps to enhance homes and make an old house look modern.

9. Landscaping and Exterior: Enhance the exterior of your home by upgrading the landing scaping. This entails putting in place modern flowers vases as well as carving out a simple garden to bring out the cohesive look.

10. Tech Integration: Hide or cover all exposed wires and cables around the house to enhance a cleaner look. Get professional electrician to ensure all needed items for upgrade are built in technology.

Five Best Suggested Videos on YouTube on How to Make an Old House Look Modern



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