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How To Use A Smart Board In The Classroom

Using the smart board in the classroom has shown to be more effective in teaching as compared to the convectional black board with white chalk. Working with the smart board in the classroom is more than just connecting students to the internet. The smart board allows both teacher and students to have access to multiple resources online. These boards opens up so many opportunities as well as getting students to connect globally with themselves and with others. Learning to use the smart board technology can greatly enhance students learning experience since it brings all the learning styles together into one large experience. Aside from been very flexible, it can help in meeting the needs of student and foster interaction in the area of knowledge transfer. The possibilities of the smart board technology is limitless, however, knowing how to use this piece of technology requires practice and consistent usage. The smart board works just like our laptop. To use it, first you will need to tu

How To Reduce Anxiety During Public Speaking

  This post takes a look at how to reduce anxiety during public speaking. Phobia around public speaking can feel like a very real danger, and it can have you drying up, making you feel really stressed out, anxious, doubting yourself and even forgetting your words. In this article, I’m going to outline few tricks and tips that will help you to reduce anxiety during public speaking. Breathe all the air out of your lungs, pull your stomach in and pull all the air out. Keep breathing out and hold it until your body demands that you breathe back in. When this happens, relax your belly, lean forward and place your hands on your thigh and aim to breathe as deep as you can back into your lungs. As you breathe in, take it slowly to get the air back to the lungs. If you can do this a few times just before you go to speak, be it in public presentation or to a large group of audience, then you will be able to reduce anxiety completely because you're no longer feeding yourself with too much oxy

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

Looking for some DIY tips on how to make an old house look modern? These tricks can help you transform your house into the home of your dreams with this affordable home d├ęcor styling. 1. Painting: Choosing a lively paint palette to freshen up your home is definitely the first place to start from. It is important to stick with neutral and simple color palette if your aim is to give the house a high-end luxurious look. Keep to cozy colors for both the exterior and interior. Personally, I love grey, white and warm earthy hues.