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How To Use A Smart Board In The Classroom

Using the smart board in the classroom has shown to be more effective in teaching as compared to the convectional black board with white chalk. Working with the smart board in the classroom is more than just connecting students to the internet. The smart board allows both teacher and students to have access to multiple resources online. These boards opens up so many opportunities as well as getting students to connect globally with themselves and with others. Learning to use the smart board technology can greatly enhance students learning experience since it brings all the learning styles together into one large experience. Aside from been very flexible, it can help in meeting the needs of student and foster interaction in the area of knowledge transfer. The possibilities of the smart board technology is limitless, however, knowing how to use this piece of technology requires practice and consistent usage. The smart board works just like our laptop. To use it, first you will need to tu

How To Build Trust in A Relationship After Cheating

This post is about rebuilding broken trust, and this is something we sometimes do in our relationship. I’m going to outline five things you can do if you're the person who broke someone's trust and five things you can do if you're the person whose trust was broken. Trust can be broken in a lot of different ways. There are some very big things that break trust like having an affair. if one’s partner have an affair with someone else, that's a big deal. However, sometimes trust is broken in smaller ways. For example, when there's been a bad fight and some ugly things were said, that can make you or your partner not to feel emotionally safe anymore. These betrayals can break trust and we need to rebuild it to ensure that we bring back the trust.  In rebuilding trust, one must have a plan and some actions to take because earning back trust especially after cheating can be a daunting task to surmount. So, what are those things we can do to build trust in a relationship af

How To Stay Safe from Online Predators

Online predators have gotten smarter and most of them are now expert in making themselves look like someone who would be the same social group or age as the individual they are targeting. Instead of the real picture of the predator to be in front of the computer, there is rather a picture of a nice-looking person who may never want to get in front of the webcam. On daily basis and with the advent of numerous kinds of social media sites, many people including children communicates with individuals online only to later realize that they have been talking with a different person.  The online world is undoubtedly a haven for online predators has these masked individuals can talk to persons while remaining anonymous. In real life, pedophiles for example can spot their targets by picking out those that seem unsure of themselves and are emotional. However, this is completely different when it comes to online relationships as everyone feels the sense of anonymity, which is why it is very much

How To Not Get Caught Using Chat GPT

Looking for how to not get caught using chat GPT? This article will outline how to write an essay using chat GPT but without getting caught. First thing is to head over to chat GPT and type in the prompt “write me an outline for an essay on whatever. Just make sure you type in whatever topic you want to write the essay on. Example “write me an outline for an essay on United States Civil War. Chat GPT will spill out some outlines e.g. Introduction, Cause of the Civil War, Social and Economic impact of the Civil War, Consequences of the Civil War and Conclusion. In this case, Chat GPT simply churned out an outline that we can use for our essay. The next thing to do is to start writing your paper in detail. Start with the introduction background information on the United States Civil War. You can get chat GPT to write you a paragraph on this. Simply copy and paste the prompt “Write me background information on the United States Civil War”. Copy and paste exactly the output from chat GPT i

How To Buy Carnival Cruise Stock Without A Broker

Benefit of Getting a Carnival Cruise Stock for Shareholder What exactly are the benefit a shareholder gets when buying a carnival cruise stock? When it comes to carnival cruise stock, it is a certain amount of on-board credit for an individual to use on their cruise. For those that are new to cruising, onboard credit is the money given that can only be used on your cruise. One can use it for stuffs like excursions, drinks, specialty dinners and things like that. Simply put it is a kind of a gift card that one uses on a cruise and if you don’t use it, you lose it as it cannot be rolled over into the following year.  Basics Of The Shareholder Benefits  You need to own a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Cruise Line stock. Once you own that stock, you can get $50 on board credit for a cruise of 6 days or less, $100 onboard credit or 7 to 13 days and $250 of onboard credit for cruises of 14 days or longer.