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How To Identify Fake Products Using Barcode

This article outlines in detail how to identify fake products using barcode. Businesses have drastically changed since social media marketing became a huge part of our society. Consumers have increasingly become more aware about the products they purchase and for businesses to stay competitive in the market, they need the full use of the latest technologies to create Buzz and stand out. Fortunately, using barcode codes in the industry can help.  We've seen a lot of barcodes on products, but did you know that they can do more than just give product information?  Barcode can help businesses connect to their consumers plus keep them loyal to their brand. Barcodes are flexible tools that businesses can use for their business if they know how to use them the right way.  What is a Barcode or QR Code? QR codes is short for quick and response code. They are matrix barcode that serves as a key to unlocking data that leads to virtually wherever you want it to be. There are two types of QR co

How To Buy Carnival Cruise Stock Without A Broker

How To Buy Carnival Cruise Stock Without A Broker

Benefit of Getting a Carnival Cruise Stock for Shareholder

What exactly are the benefit a shareholder gets when buying a carnival cruise stock? When it comes to carnival cruise stock, it is a certain amount of on-board credit for an individual to use on their cruise. For those that are new to cruising, onboard credit is the money given that can only be used on your cruise. One can use it for stuffs like excursions, drinks, specialty dinners and things like that. Simply put it is a kind of a gift card that one uses on a cruise and if you don’t use it, you lose it as it cannot be rolled over into the following year. 

Basics Of The Shareholder Benefits 

You need to own a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Cruise Line stock. Once you own that stock, you can get $50 on board credit for a cruise of 6 days or less, $100 onboard credit or 7 to 13 days and $250 of onboard credit for cruises of 14 days or longer.

There are a few limits on what you can and cannot spend this onboard credit on. You cannot use it for Casino credits and casino charges or gratuities charged to your onboard account. It is also important to note that carnival cruise employees, travel agents cruising at travel rates, tour conductors or anyone cruising on a reduced rate or complimentary basis are excluded from this offer. The other thing you should know about is that there's only one onboard credit per shareholder occupied stateroom.

Carnival cruise benefit is non-transferable in other words, if your friend is taking a cruise, you can't gift them your onboard credit benefit and you can't also exchange it for cash. On a positive note, if you take multiple cruises per year, you can get this benefit on every Cruise as long as it's on a ship in the carnival family like Carnival, Cruise Lines, princess, Holland America and a few others. 

Some other Cruise line companies offer similar benefits for their shareholders, and I want to briefly touch on how exactly you can apply for your carnival cruise stock without a broker. 

Direct Stock Purchase Plans 

The (DSPPs) are a convenient means to buy carnival cruise stock without a broker with companies that offer this kind of options. DSPPs are accessible by both companies and individual to acquire carnival cruise stock directly from the carnival cruise company. DSPPs offer a host of benefits to investors that are interested in long-term investment options with relatively low risk. Individuals are able to purchase carnival cruise stock at a discount. Like any investment this option offers multiple benefits, however, one must weigh pros, cons, and the stipulations given with the specific DSPP chosen.

Buying Carnival Cruise Stock Without a Broker

For anyone who is absolutely clueless about buying stocks like I was a few years ago, there are several places where you can buy stocks online from the comfort of your own home. I found an online stockbroker that I was comfortable with set up an account and in a few minutes, I started buying stocks. I don't want to mention any names because I don't want it to look like I'm endorsing one over the other, so I urge you to do your own leg work on this and if you've made the decision to buy Carnival Cruise Line stock, the symbol is CCL and just to be fair Norwegian Cruise Lines is NCLH and Royal Caribbean group is RCL.

How To Get Your Benefits from Carnival 

First of all, you should apply 3 weeks prior to your cruise departure You can use an app called stock perks, I haven't used this app yet myself but most of the reviews I've read say that it's pretty easy if you're interested in doing it this way you might want to find an online guide or video that can guide you through or you can also send them your request by email. All you just need is to send them your legal name reservation or booking number, the ship you're sailing on and the date you're sailing along with proof of ownership of at least 100 shares of stock.

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