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How To Use A Smart Board In The Classroom

Using the smart board in the classroom has shown to be more effective in teaching as compared to the convectional black board with white chalk. Working with the smart board in the classroom is more than just connecting students to the internet. The smart board allows both teacher and students to have access to multiple resources online. These boards opens up so many opportunities as well as getting students to connect globally with themselves and with others. Learning to use the smart board technology can greatly enhance students learning experience since it brings all the learning styles together into one large experience. Aside from been very flexible, it can help in meeting the needs of student and foster interaction in the area of knowledge transfer. The possibilities of the smart board technology is limitless, however, knowing how to use this piece of technology requires practice and consistent usage. The smart board works just like our laptop. To use it, first you will need to tu

How To Reduce Anxiety During Public Speaking


How To Reduce Anxiety During Public Speaking

This post takes a look at how to reduce anxiety during public speaking. Phobia around public speaking can feel like a very real danger, and it can have you drying up, making you feel really stressed out, anxious, doubting yourself and even forgetting your words. In this article, I’m going to outline few tricks and tips that will help you to reduce anxiety during public speaking.

  1. Breathe all the air out of your lungs, pull your stomach in and pull all the air out. Keep breathing out and hold it until your body demands that you breathe back in. When this happens, relax your belly, lean forward and place your hands on your thigh and aim to breathe as deep as you can back into your lungs. As you breathe in, take it slowly to get the air back to the lungs. If you can do this a few times just before you go to speak, be it in public presentation or to a large group of audience, then you will be able to reduce anxiety completely because you're no longer feeding yourself with too much oxygen which promotes anxiety in the body in that flight or fight response that we get. Doing this will get your mind to remain calmer and clearly making you to be more focus on the words you have to share. This method undoubtedly helps your body to get relaxed enabling you communicate with clarity confidence and ease. 
  1. Getting nervous before and during a presentation are completely common and you don't have to let it affect your performance. One realization of public speaking is that you do not actually look as nervous as you feel. The second realization is just because you're nervous doesn't mean you're not doing a great job in that moment. Never think been nervous or blacking out doesn't mean that you're not actually performing well. The third realization is that nervousness and excitement are really two sides of the same coin. Public speaking is a lot like you should be a little excited about controlling the audience.
  1. The third tip on how to reduce anxiety during public speak is to practice like crazy and here's why. 95% of the results that you get during your presentation are worked out during your practice time. So, if you practice a lot and really prepare well, then be rest assure that presentation is most likely going to go very well. About 95 percent of successful public speaking is credited to practice. Even if you were nervous and you missed couple of few things here and there, it’s almost always going to come out pretty much the way you practiced it. If you make a mistake don't start over, push through it.
  1. The fourth tip is as you are preparing for the public speaking event, you want to focus everything on your audience and not yourself. You noticed that most comedian try to get people to laugh, they're always working on how their jokes can crack the audience. Similarly, if you're trying to share a message focus on saying it in a way that's going to land and everyone comprehends it. Don’t focus on how you look, how nervous you seem, or thinking of people judging you. Always think about your audience.
  1. Tip number five is visualizing yourself doing it well especially in the opening moments. when I say visualization, I mean putting yourself the right state of mind so that you visualize delivering a decent presentation. Try to picture that first 10 or 20 seconds of the presentation happening successfully, and this can be so if you take the necessary steps been set out for success.
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