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How To Identify Fake Products Using Barcode

This article outlines in detail how to identify fake products using barcode. Businesses have drastically changed since social media marketing became a huge part of our society. Consumers have increasingly become more aware about the products they purchase and for businesses to stay competitive in the market, they need the full use of the latest technologies to create Buzz and stand out. Fortunately, using barcode codes in the industry can help.  We've seen a lot of barcodes on products, but did you know that they can do more than just give product information?  Barcode can help businesses connect to their consumers plus keep them loyal to their brand. Barcodes are flexible tools that businesses can use for their business if they know how to use them the right way.  What is a Barcode or QR Code? QR codes is short for quick and response code. They are matrix barcode that serves as a key to unlocking data that leads to virtually wherever you want it to be. There are two types of QR co

How To Stay Safe from Online Predators

How To Stay Safe from Online Predators

Online predators have gotten smarter and most of them are now expert in making themselves look like someone who would be the same social group or age as the individual they are targeting. Instead of the real picture of the predator to be in front of the computer, there is rather a picture of a nice-looking person who may never want to get in front of the webcam. On daily basis and with the advent of numerous kinds of social media sites, many people including children communicates with individuals online only to later realize that they have been talking with a different person. 

The online world is undoubtedly a haven for online predators has these masked individuals can talk to persons while remaining anonymous. In real life, pedophiles for example can spot their targets by picking out those that seem unsure of themselves and are emotional. However, this is completely different when it comes to online relationships as everyone feels the sense of anonymity, which is why it is very much easier for most online predator to pick out their targets.

This is not to say that the social media or internet is completely dangerous. Using the internet has enabled us to communicate with other people across the world. However, online predators use the same social media or internet every day pretending to be persons they aren’t to perpetuate evil. It is certainly hard to know who you're talking to online hence here are few tips you can use to keep yourself safe from online predators.

- Tip number one, use your instincts, if someone makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable stop communicating with them and tell someone you trust immediately. Most websites and social media sites have tools that you can use to report suspicious activity.

- Tip number two, limit what you share online. Predators often try to get you to share your personal information through emails and messages, avoid sharing personal information with an online stranger.

- Tip number three, keep your distance, think twice about meeting someone in person that you have only talked to online. Online predators often use social media to pretend to be someone else by setting up fake profiles using other people's pictures. Even if someone seems friendly it can be hard to know for sure who you're talking to. Always tell a parent or someone you trust when an online stranger asks to meet you in person so that you don't end up in a dangerous situation. Many online predators use smart tactics to lure people into dangerous situations, but you can be smarter. 

- Tip number four, google yourself sometime and see what pops up on the internet. If anything, you don't feel safe about comes out, you can simply remove them from the Internet. Always think before you post your stuffs on social media or internet.

- Tip number five, keeping a secret is a red flag. if a stranger ever asks you to keep a secret, it is way safer to share such secrete with a family member.

 Keeping these risks and tips in mind will definitely help you to identify online predator and  stay safe when you talk to people online.


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